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Convert CSV to XML

Submitted by bayuobie on Sat, 2013-07-27 09:55 in

Hi Dave..seems i've not seen any post regarding converting csv to xml. Any help or example on that will do. Regards.

Submitted by support on Sat, 2013-07-27 10:30

Hi bayuobie,

Sure, this can be done - as a simple generic solution, consider the following example, which creates a document element of <records> with each record output within a <record> element. The only caveat would be that all field names are valid XML element names so i've included an str_replace call to ensure that any spaces are converted to underscores in the element names of each field (created from each key in $record)...

("Content-Type: text/xml");
$record as $key => $value)
$key str_replace(" ","_",$key);
$filename "data.csv";
$formatString "csv|44|1|34";

Simply edit $filename and $formatString as required for your CSV source, and that should do the trick!

Hope this helps!

Submitted by bayuobie on Sat, 2013-07-27 10:59

Thanks Dave for the quick turn-around solution. It worked fine.